411Fit brings wellness to small companies with limited resources.

When you operate a small business, you wear many hats. While wellness may be of high importance to you, that hat can sometimes be too large to handle. Because running and managing a wellness program can provide a day-to-day challenge, 411Fit has packaged simple, results-oriented solutions that will save you time and can change your company.

411Fit gives you flexibility and options.

As a small business you often don't qualify for robust wellness programs or initiatives, but 411Fit believes you should. From simple turnkey programming to custom program management, 411Fit has a solution for your needs.

Small Business Program

Engage in 411Fit's proprietary four-month team based small business program or create your own using 411Fit's extensive database of pre-made initiatives. Designing a program is as simple as point and click. Track points, offer incentives, and communicate as a company via 411Fit's social network. Utilize 411Fit's already established network of fitness experts to help guide you and your employees to better health.


411Fit's extreme flexibility allows you to scale your program to your population. No group is too big or too small. This also makes pricing affordable and manageable. We believe small companies should have real solutions for real budgets.

Meaningful Reporting

Often as a small business you don't have the luxury of robust reporting that allows you to fully evaluate your population or initiatives. 411Fit provides detailed reporting on everything that is done within the system. In addition, 411Fit's proprietary Health Index is an "HRA on wheels". The Health Index is directly linked to each employee. As employees work with a program and enter data into the system the Health Index reports on changes and progress so you can see in real-time how the health of your staff is changing.

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