The Gold Standard for investing: long-term returns that keep growing.

Business managers are often criticized for seeking short term results at the expense of long term returns. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have both short-term gains and lifelong returns that get better each year? A well-managed wellness program with 411Fit does exactly that.

How are my returns realized and measured?

The ROI equation has two parts: how much do you invest and how valuable is the return. 411Fit covers both sides of the equation.

Investment is modest:

  • The actual 411Fit cost on a per-employee basis is a small fraction of the yearly healthcare cost.
  • The resource commitment to manage a wellness program is much lower with 411Fit.
  • Families of employees are able to register on the site without increaseing company cost.

Return is great:

  • A 411Fit wellness program will reduce claims... all things being equal.
  • Engaged employees in well-managed wellness programs show improved job effectiveness and will decrease lost time due to illness.
  • Bringing employees together in "healthy" competition nurtures teamwork that is valuable in other business processes.
  • When lifestyles are changed as a result of company-sponsored wellness programs, the company gets justifiable credit - that is valuable to retain top performers.

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