Fact-based reporting brings clarity.

Clarity for decision making is a precious commodity in business. With myriad influencing factors flying around key decisions, the right report at the right time is priceless. 411Fit has developed a menu of reports from a wide range of elements in wellness management through input from exercise, nutrition and wellness leaders. Management doesn't have to go very far to get the kind of clarity around wellness that facilitates decisions.

Data analysis brings meaning to facts.

You've accumulated a bunch of data that has been filed and maintained. What has been learned thus far? Until data can be retrieved and analyzed for insights, that data has no value. 411Fit provides unusual wellness analytic capabilities. 411Fit was designed from day one to become an industry leader in analytics - particularly, predictive analytics.

Real-time answers based on real-time results.

What if? Analysis

In logging exercise or nutrition information, users can assess changes in routines to see impact on reaching goalsand analyze the impact of decisions.

What's the Trend?

Create your own trend analysis with 411Fit to see the impact of multiple metrics on each other.

Combining Data

411Fit is not one-dimensional - biometric data, user performance data, claims data and HRA data can be gathered and analyzed.

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