Wellness as a business process with life-changing results.

Every company is operated by running business processes to reach company goals. Managers are charged with process roles and responsibilities that contribute to company success. One of the growing new business processes that joins established practices is wellness management. But wellness management is more than another process...it has a role in creating healthy lifestyles for employees while generating an ROI for the company. Not a bad combination.

The first management process that changes lives & companies.

Easy to Implement

With 411Fit's point and click interface, you don't have to be a wellness expert to design, manage and promote comprehensive wellness programs.

Proven Strategies

Based on the best practices in wellness management, 411Fit's process provides the best of both worlds - structured data collection for reporting and variety for engaging and retaining participants.

A Custom Fit

One size does NOT fit all. With 411Fit's easy-to-use process, corporations can create wellness programs that fit the culture of their own company and employees.

Wellness management that fits your company.

Whether a company is small or large, wellness matters and 411Fit provides the tools to manage wellness as a critical process. Effective management processes are designed for success, easy to manage, can be tracked, connect with employees, and can be evaluated based on results... and 411Fit does exactly that at a modest cost/employee.

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