Wellness management is a change process.

Organizations need to constantly evolve to remain healthy. The continual change process for organizations is a management process that is designed and implemented. Wellness management is no different. 411Fit provides a well-defined process - with flexibility where needed - to change the lifestyles of people and the culture of wellness in an organization.

Tools tuned to organizational needs and capabilities.

Organizations need different management tools in different situations. 411Fit provides tools that can be easily used by new wellness managers needing basic tools and by experienced managers that are looking for creativity and uniqueness. Some organizations need and will respond to exercise challenges and some to nutritional challenges and some to both. 411Fit covers them all.

Support from beginning to end.


411Fit can set you up with a "standard" wellness program to start and work with you to get more creative over time. Or 411Fit gives you the flexibility to design your own groups, challenges, incentives, and goals.

24/7 Visibility

Once the wellness program is on the way, the wellness manager can view progress in real time. Early insights allow for programs adjustments, interaction with groups and improvements "on the fly".


411Fit provides a wide array of "time tested" reports to inform, educate and evaluate. Decision makers appreciate the variety of views available to judge the change in organizational wellness.

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