We don't know it all but we know people that do.

Organizations are always wise to seek the advice of experts in their field before making impactful decisions. Wellness decisions impact people and organizations' lives. 411Fit has brought experts from the fields of exercise, nutrition, fitness and wellness management together to design (and keep current) the website tools and solutions. The guidance and insight of experts is available to 411Fit participants with a "point and click".

Critical decisions require critical information.

411Fit has an abundance of critical resources available. Nutritional value of over 500,000 food items, hundreds of exercise descriptions and measurements, proven wellness program designs, blogs lead by experts, libraries of challenges/contests are available, and incentive programs that get results, etc. In fact, when it comes to your health, all decisions are critical and there is never enough information.

Right answers for today's questions.


411Fit's experts are available online and are easily accessible for guidance. Our knowledgable resources provide value for wellness program managers.


Blogs are popular in our culture for expressing ideas and opinions. 411Fit provides access to wellness blogs and provides the flexibility for organizations to establish their own blogs.


Expert feedback is available for wellness managers as programs are designed and results are evaluated. The "one-on-one" contact with an expert can be the right thing to do at the right time.

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