The job of a coach is to share your expertise and knowledge

Share exercise and nutrition information specifically tailored to your client via your personal library. Motivate with quotes and awards. Educate with valuable resources. 411Fit sharing is the final piece to an interactive and meaningful relationship with your client.

Your Library... the place to share your expertise

You have experienced success with your clients and know what is needed to reach their goals. You can share those keys to success that may include quotes, awards, links and entries in your personal library. Your personal 411Fit library allows you to share food, meals, recipes, cardio and strength exercises, and workouts with your client. Tell them exactly what you want done and tell them your way. That's why they have you as a coach.

Making Feedback Meaningful

Database Access

411Fit has nearly 500,000 foods to choose from and thousands of cardio and strength exercises. 411Fit's extensive platform is a solid foundation for you to continue to build and expand on.

Unique to You

With your personal library, you have the chance to create a unique offering that reflects you. 411Fit gives you the flexibility to customize your library entries to "showcase" your unique talents. It is your place to reflect and share You.

Purposeful Sharing

Sharing information and experience is helpful to clients only to the extent it is useful. 411Fit allows you to share information and experience that has a purpose. For the client, the purpose is to get results and realized their goals. From your "well stocked" library, you can select the right bits of helpful guidance that meets your client's needs.

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