Robust reporting leads to meaningful feedback

One of the best ways to help your client change their behavior is to show them the impact of their decisions. Saying, "don't eat this, it's bad for you", carries much less weight than showing them exactly what a choice may do to their goals and health.

Be a "Smart Coach"

Smart phones with GPS capabilities give us direction and feedback. A "Smart Coach" operates on the same principle. The coach sets direction based on the best path to success and then monitors progress to goals. 411Fit gives a coach the capabilities to see the data and assess progress for a client in time to make necessary changes in direction. The confidence that comes from having these tools allows a "Smart Coach" to make smart decisions for the client.

Turning Data Into Results

Tracking You Choose

411Fit has created robust reports on everything you choose to track. Some metrics are more important than others, so you can be specific in tracking data that is critical to your client's personal health.

Tracking Trends

411Fit has gone beyond basic reporting to give you greater insight into your client's data. For example, is stress affecting your client? Track it, compare it to calorie consumption and note trends.

What Ifs

Reports like 411Fit's "What If Analysis" allow you to show your client how changes in what they actually eat can impact their grade and get them closer to their goals.

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