Wellness competition is healthy competition.

Not all competition is healthy for an organization. Competition to encourage and motivate people to make healthy lifestyle choices is healthy for an organization. Any successful wellness program today involves some level of competition as a foundational element. 411Fit has truly creative ways of creating and judging competition to get not just results but the right results.

Level the playing field.

Not all teams respond to the same type of challenge (weight loss, BMI reduction, walking or running goals, etc). So how do you create different challenges and quantify performance of each challenge while keeping things fair? 411Fit has designed a point/reward system that quantifies each individual's progress toward their goal and then consolidates results into groups for comparison purposes. The process is objective and equitable.

Wellness competition means everyone wins.


Wellness programs can be designed and managed over periods of time to suit organizational objectives... weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.


411Fit provides suggestions on type and frequency of challenges and offers a point system for evaluating results. Challenges can vary from segment to segment.


Experienced wellness managers know that managing multiple segments, groups and challenges is a complex task. 411Fit has all the necessary management tools necessary for monitoring and control.

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