Community/Social Networks are powerful influencers.

Electronic communities/social networks create expectations and norms that when focused on goals are powerful motivators for success. 411Fit provides, integral to the website, the same sharing and communicating functionality that is growing in popularity globally. Data from 411Fit users in groups show that group participation results in a 70% greater probability of success than single individual participants.

Manage multiple groups and Wellness Programs at the same time.

In any organization there are multiple groups that are formed for a variety of reasons. With 411Fit each group can be a distinct community/network that can be managed independently with ease. Group goals and behavior can be designed and refined to align with total wellness objectives.

Tap into the potential of networks.

Group Formation

411Fit allows groups to be formed by friends getting together, by location, by department, by demographics, by likes/dislikes, etc.

Simple Communication

The social networking structure of 411Fit is built for ease and speed of communication. With a click, people can be "on the same page" in real time.

The Power of Peers

A powerful tool in sustaining participation in a wellness program is "peer pressure" exerted by groups. Some believe group involvement is more powerful than challenges or rewards.

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