Staying the course...rain or shine!

One the hardest things about trying to get healthy is sticking with it. There will be good days and there will be bad days...the question is "what keeps you coming back after the bad days"? At 411Fit there are SO many different ways that you can stay engaged and motivated. Whether it's your personal support group of 411Fit friends and family, or the latest community challenge, or rejoicing / commiserating with "411Fiters" just like you, there is always some reason to come back tomorrow.

Connect with friends & family... or other 411Fiters.

It is a well-known fact that we are more likely to be successful in our health and wellness endeavors when we have the support of those around us. With 411Fit's extensive social networking features you can create your own support group of 411Fit friends to encourage you when you are struggling and provide "kudos" when things are going well. With 411Fit's rapidly growing community of people just like you, it is never hard to find someone to help keep you motivated and on track.

Find what works for YOU.


Some of us need a little friendly competition to stay focused and engaged. If that sounds like you, then 411Fit's wide variety of challenges is sure to get you excited. Compete against your fellow 411Fiters in challenges for nutrition, exercise, weight loss and walking.


Do you like to blog? Sometimes committing your thoughts to virtual paper can be extremely cathartic. Use 411Fit's blogging feature to report on your successes and your struggles and tap into the wonderful support group that is the 411Fit Community.


If you don't have your own personal support group of friends and family, don't worry - there are plenty of groups of people just like you that you can join. Search for a group that matches your needs and interests or start your very own.

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